Magnetic Paint

Magnetic Paint, also known as magnetic wall paint is one of the revolutionary magnetic products in the market today. It turns your wall into magnetic wall like MAGIC!

It’s paint– but it possess magnetic ingredients that as applied to your walls, may hold magnets and other stuff you intend to pin on your wall. Magnetic paint for walls contain no harmful ingredients, and may be used on your children’s rooms – YES! IS CHILD SAFE.

Magnetic Paint is suitable for child room, office use or even restaurants. Great ideas for interior designer.

MK Water-based Magnetic Paint is a primer with magnetic properties that can transform any surface to one that can attract magnets. The paint is VOC free and ECO friendly. It can be applied on flat or curved surfaces. It can attract and holds any LIGHT magnetic objects such as fridge magnets, magnetic cards, photos, posters and notes that have magnetic properties. No need to drill holes or hammer nails into the wall.


  1. Compliant with the EN71 standard. Zero toxic components
  2. Strong adhesion, hard film and excellent abrasion resistance
  3. The magnetic paint in itself is not magnetic
  4. It is completely safe and will not cause interference with electronic device
  5. The magnetic paint is used as a primer. Top coat with any brand of latex paint
  6. For best results, top coat with our finishing paints. Apply any of our colored paints to achieve the color scheme you desire
  7. Wallpaper can be used with the magnetic paint.


Firm walls, bamboo, wood, cement, pottery, plastic and metal surfaces.


Add about 5% water than using a brush application. If sprayed, dilute with water 5%-10% and fix the diameter of the gun nozzle to >2.0mm.


Classroom, Kindergarten, Kids Playroom, Bedroom, Offices, Photo walls, Recreation Centers, Message Boards, Furniture Surfaces, etc.


For a film of 30 micrometers under the temperature of 25℃.
Touch Dry : 30 minutes
Hard Dry : 2 hours
Dry to apply further coats : at least 2 hours (depending on the temperature)
– 3 or 4 more coats of magnetic primer paint and 2 coats of wall paint or chalkboard paint.
– 3 or 4 coats of magnetic primer paint and wallpaper (applying wallpaper 48 hours later).


  • At least 3 coats are required and re-coat in 2 hours. Use a magnet to test the magnetic effect when the third coat is dried and then decide whether a fourth coat is needed. If you are going to cover with wallpaper, test the magnetic effect on top of the wallpaper since wallpaper decreases the magnetic effect to a significantly different level.
  • After the paint is completely dry, sand with sand paper before applying the top coat.
  • Top coat with any color paint or chalkboard paint to cover all of the black area or apply wallpaper 48 hours later.
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