Magnetic Chalkboard Paint

Culinary walls, children’s bedroom, art room, offices, and creative spaces call for magnetic + chalkboard paint.

Question: How to turn your wall to possess both the qualities of a chalkboard and magnetic components– meaning, you can write on it with the use of chalk as much as you can pin notes and sheets on it with the use of magnet?

Answer: First applying 3 layers of magnetic paint as based, test the magnetic power then finishing up with top coat of chalkboard paint with the color of your choice.

MK Magnetic Paint & Chalkboard Paint

Magnetic Paint

Magnetic paint come with only Black color in the market
Size: 500ml   Coverage are: 24 sq feet with 3 layers

You can direct purchase from Shopee:

Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint comes in different colors: Black.
Size: 1L   Coverage Area: 98sq feet

You can direct purchase from Shopee:

Chalkboard and magnetic paint, while proves to be a versatile product, do not contain harmful chemicals. For this reason, chalkboard paint colors, blackboard magnetic paint, or magnetic blackboard paint are child-safe.

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