Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Paints for walls are not only confined for the use of classrooms now-a-day. With a wall painted with chalkboard paint, you can write and draw on the same with the use of chalk. An advantage to having a chalkboard paint color for your wall is that you can write on notes, reminders, or draw some fun stuff without having to exert effort at all in erasing the same to draw new ones. Chalkboard paint is also safe for kids, as not containing harmful chemicals. There are a number of chalkboard paint ideas that you can use to have a chalkboard painted walls for your purposes. It always a great new ideas for interior designer to turn your house, restaurant, school, room and more walls into more interesting ideas by applying the blackboard painting.
MK Water-based Chalkboard Paint is a new product our company has develop, especially for children that have doodled on the wall. The product uses Germany’s newest paint formula, and contains no noxious VOC. The color is vivid and nice. With new generation of the blackboard paint, it is healthier, environmentally sound, and more durable than traditional solvent type chalkboard paints. The chalk writing on the chalkboard can be removed easily with soft towel.


The paint meets the EN71 standard and does not contain toxic components. The surface can be washed with water or any standard cleaning agent. The paint is suitable for painting many kinds of children articles, and is also suitable for individual spaces, such as schools, bars and restaurants, office room etc.


Kitchen, Office, Children’s rooms, Kids Playroom, Kindergarten, School, Studio, Bar, Restaurants etc…


Paint as if normal paint. If matched with magnetic paint, 2 coats of chalkboard paint are sufficient.
Drying Time.
Touch Dry : 30 minutes
Hard Dry : 2 hours
Dry to re-coat ; at least 2 hours
(depending on the temperature)

– If the finishing of paint appears uneven or has brush strokes or air bubbles during application, this is quite normal. They will disappear after drying.
– Store the paint at the temperature of 0℃-50℃ and avoid direct sunlight.


  1. Paint as if normal painting. If need to make as magnetic chalkboard wall, painted with at least 3 layers of magnetic paints before apply the chalkboard paint as top coat as finishing.
  2. After applying the chalkboard painting and wait the wall completely dry, then the chalkboard can be used (it is recommended to wait 48hrs after painting before using the chalkboard).
  3. The result is better if more coats are applied.


1 Liter – Black (Coverage 98 sq feet)

You can contact and come to your office to cash and carry or you can direct purchase from our Shopee Store:

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