Drinking Coaster

Standard Shape: Round or Square

Standard Size: 92mm x 92mm

You can always email us your customized shape and size to quote

Eva Foam Coaster vs Softboard Coaster


Usage: Absorbing water

√ Softboard Coaster

× Eva Foam Coaster





Eva Foam Coaster (Left top from photo)

Softboard Coaster (Right bottom from photo)

Eva Foam Coaster

Eva foam coaster is a water resistance coaster which mean it doesn’t absorb water. 

Suitable as restaurant use, tourism or souvenir gift, and also branding gift purpose as well as premium gift for corporate.

Softboard Coaster / Beermat

Softboard coaster, some people call it as beermat coaster, is a water absorbent material. 

The material is absorptive for any moisture coming from the glass or cup. It is best and not to worry leaving water marks off the furniture or leaving the water piles.on tables.

Suitable to use at restaurants, cafe, corporate premium gift as well as tourism souvenir gift. 

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