Magnetic Label

Easy to label your stocks now on racks now with the magnetic label!

Owing to its resiliency, magnetic label is preferred by warehouses, offices, stores, and even households. The versatility of the magnetic properties of a magnetic label makes magnetic labeling an ideal means to come up with labels for your stocks that can last for over a lifetime. The best thing about magnet label is that they are easily customization.

MK Magnet Sdn. Bhd. is supplying the magnetic label in various widths, coming in many different finishes and layouts. Magnet labels, though may be specified in different sizes to come up with your needs, it never lose its magnetic properties, making it the best solution for your labeling requirements.

Magnetic label can be used for neat and easy marking of racking, file cabinets or shelves. Its strong magnetic power pull assures holders won’t slide or fall off and with it that comes with a easy hold plastic inserts for labeling.

Warehouse Labels
Store Price Tag Holders
Planning boards Holders
Name Plates
Control Charts
Design and handling considerations

Available Magnetic Label Sizes that come with PVC holder and paper:

  • C40 – 40mm x 50 meter
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