Tin Magnet / Tin Fridge Magnet / Magnetic Badge

Tin magnet is a more premium fridge magnet with 3mm thickness. MK Magnet Sdn. Bhd. is the only and the first manufacturer for Tin Magnet in Malaysia. A tin fridge magnet that comes in standard shapes and sizes, and customized designs as one of the best ways not only to be a premium gifts as for your personalized thank you gift to your guests and VIPs during your private events such as wedding / perkahwinan, full moon / cukur jambul or majlis aqiqah, birthday and anniversary celebration, reunion and gathering events, family day outing etc, but also to promote your business, eventually and forge your own brand. The vast availability of tin magnet in the market makes tin fridge magnet an affordable means to push forward your business, and recently tin magnets also been picking up as premium fridge magnet to be resell in souvenir shops.


MK Magnet Sdn. Bhd. is offering this magnetic badges at wholesale prices, while offering the design services that you require with the choice of Round Tin Magnet (58mm diameter) which may also known as button magnet or magnetic button , Square Tin Magnet (50mm x 50mm) & Rectangle Tin Magnet (79mm x 54mm).

Badge Magnets are suitable not only in promoting your business and branding; it is also suitable as to be a printing as tourism product as souvenir to be resell at retail gift shops or online stores. Highest quality of the Tin Fridge Magnet for your gift shops or boutiques that will impress your customers with their incredible pictures printing with choice of round, panoramic, square or rectangular tin magnets with the total thickness of 3mm, and come with individual PP bag insert as final packaging from us.

If you are searching for magnet which require some thickness more than 1mm, TIN MAGNET is one of the best choice for you as the final magnet thickness reach up to 3mm. Highly recommended as to be a reselling fridge magnet as tourism souvenir, encourage daily quotes, personalized magnet etc.


Tin Magnet Standard Sizes: 

1)  Rectangular – 55mm x 80mm

2) Round – 58mm diameter

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