Standard Fridge Magnet

The highest demand fridge magnet sizes and most favored by companies and clients, we list them as Standard Size Fridge Magnet.

Company customized fridge magnets and car door magnets are often used by businesses to push forward their brand recognition. This is also a great way to promote and advertise certain events, ideas, products, and many others. As a good quality standard size fridge magnet printing that maintain its magnetic quality while being forged into different shapes to match its custom design.

We had adopted the latest technologies in producing most standard and quality fridge magnet, which can compete with the International Standard Quality. The thickness of flexible magnet, also known as rubber magnet, that we are using is 0.6mm. It is the most common used to produce the fridge magnet by the many countries like United State & Australia where they are far more mature in manufacturing fridge magnet. The magnetic power of fridge magnet definitely strong to hold tight on metal surface, as long as you can imagine and as long as you wish.

Different thickness for standard fridge magnets : Normal vs 4M Thickness

With MK Magnet Sdn. Bhd., you can even custom your own fridge magnet in different sizes and shapes.

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