Custom Fridge Magnet

Custom fridge magnet is a great promotional way to give out messages of your own brand imagine, business, services or even products info to your existing customers or even new customers. To your loyalty customer, it had became a great reminder of you and forgot you not. To new customers, it has became a branding and remember you always marketing tools.

Most important, this marketing tools for sure won’t end up in the dustbin but keep as long as possible on the fridge door or on their whiteboard and CPU. A lot of business and brands had came up with their own custom fridge magnets, which is unique and eye catchy.

The intention and objective of this marketing tool is to boost better brand recognition. Without a doubt, a print fridge magnet is an effective means to push forward your business; thus, calling for fridge magnet printing services.We provide fridge magnet printing services, allowing you to design and custom your own magnet designs and shapes. The best thing is that they are not costly. In fact, this matter is really cost effective and you can get the best deals online with us as well.

To customized your own brand or messages and events for the company (annual dinner, staffs’ birthday greeting, event organization, anniversary and family day event celebration etc.) or even to personalized the refrigerator magnets for own private events such as wedding / perkahwinan, birthday and anniversary celebration, family and reunion day, full moon and majlis aqiqah / cukur jambul etc), it is easy. If you have not much idea about it, you may choose from our standard size.

Always, you also can have special die cut fridge magnet into fancy refrigerator magnets to make it a more unique and special gifts to your guests and VIPs!

F&B Fridge Magnets (Food Industrial / Retail Restaurants etc)

Hospital / Ambulance / Emergency / Hotline Fridge Magnets

Campaign Fridge Magnets

Servicing Line Fridge Magnets

Tourism Fridge Magnets

Insurance / Property Agents Fridge Magnets

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