Magnetic Notepad / Stickynote

Always adding value into your premium gifts to your clients. Giving them a notepad or sticky-note to write on is not enough because they might miss place them and forever gone since then.

Let your stick up your notepad with your brand and contact on the fridge door, to be seen all time and keep reminding your customers about you, your company, your services, and your products.

                   Standard Size for MK Magnet Notepad Fridge Magnet:                                                Magnet Size: 70mm x 100mm                                            Notepad / Sticky Note size: 55mm x 55mm

If you are looking for custom size, please send us following info to quote:

  1. Magnet size
  2. Notepad / Sticky-note
  3. Notepad / sticky-note size
  4. Color print on notepad / sticky-note: 1 color or full color
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