Magnetic Bookmark

Magnetic Bookmark is a great way to promote and branding marketing tool for a corporate.

It can be customized into any shape with any sizes, and it can be even a pop out version of bookmark magnet.

If you have no idea of the size, you may choice from our standard sizes:

Open Size: 30mm x 160mm
Close Size: 30mm x 80mm
Open Size: 25mm x 200mm
Close Size: 25mm x 100mm
Open Size: 20mm x 200mm
Close Size: 20mm x 100mm

Custom size and shape magnet bookmark

To customized bookmark fridge magnet, please send us your idea with size (measure by open up the magnetic bookmark and give us the measurement of whole length and wide), quantity and also whether you would want to have the pop out for your fridge magnet.

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