Calendar Magnet

Giving your customer a free Yearly Calendar Magnet together with your info of services, contact, QR code, email, website etc, surely remind your customers of you all year long.

Magnetic calendar can be customized into any sizes and shapes, it up to your creativity.

If not, here is the most common sizes:
  • 85mm x 85mm (Small Calendar Size)
  • 85mm x 145mm (Invitation Calendar Size)
  • 95mm x 138mm (A6 Size)
  • 138mm x 200mm (A5 Size)

If you are looking for custom shape for calendar fridge magnets, we can always product for you in any quantity. Please send in your custom shape size and quantity to quote.

Magnet calendar is suitable for:

  • property agents
  • property developers
  • government departments
  • sales man
  • direct selling
  • corporates / companies
  • servicing lines
  • schools
  • F&B
  • food products
  • events companies … etc
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