Fridge Magnet Supplier

Fridge Magnet Supplier

Refrigerator magnets are a staple in households. As this implement holds shopping lists, receipts, child art, and even small notes and reminders on the refrigerator door, fridge magnets have form part of the many households. It will be cools if the fridge magnets could be customized by your own messages – to keep as good memories of the moment of event / company branding and info – as good advertising marketing way.

MK Magnet Sdn. Bhd. also known as has been known as the largest and most specialized manufacturing in printing fridge magnet & Pelekat Peti Sejuk in Malaysia and Singapore. If you are looking for a personalized / customized fridge magnet supplier, we are definitely your No. 1 choice as we give wholesale deals.

We specifically specializing in producing fridge magnets with our main source of flexible magnet. We understood our customer’s need and our supply fridge magnet in all different sizes that satisfy our customers from the selection of most popular standard size fridge magnet to custom and shaped fridge magnet sizes.

You can always customized your fridge magnet with own shape, size and design we will always keep our promise to keep the BEST SERVICES & BEST QUALITY to all your customers to 100% SATISFACTION!

Printing Material: Full color printing gloss UV 0.5mm flexible magnet

Printing Material: Full color printing gloss UV 0.5mm flexible magnet

Most common die cut custom shape of refrigerator magnets that we have listed into our standard size

How can Fridge Magnet be your advertising too?

Your company brand, info, and contact will be stick up in all household million dollar worth place which is the fridge door by your customers. Since then, your advertisement will be on live right all time when your client pay a visit to the fridge.

The more your clients see you, the deeper relationship will be bond between both of you too.

Let your advertising fridge magnets work hard for you, 24hours/7days, to boost your sales!

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