Car Door Magnet Advertising

Advertising through the Car Door Magnet (waterproof material)

In engaging with car magnet advertising, you get to have your promotions rolling– literally! The advantages of car magnet advertising speaks so much of its efficiency and effectiveness that a lot of businesses opt to invest on affordable car magnet signs and car door magnet signs to represent their business up to miles away.

MK Magnet Sdn. Bhd. is offering car door magnet printing that you can customize to the design of your choice, along with having your business address and contact details. These business car door magnets also present a cheaper alternative for the conventional advertising means without compromising its capacity to generate business leads.

Vehicle magnet printing can come into 3 most common sizes as stated below. Meanwhile, if you need a custom shape to be done on the car door magnet, the answer is YES – and definitely can be done with MK Magnet. Print and custom your own car door magnet to advertise your business regardless your business nature is self employed, online trading or corporate, it is always suitable and great way for advertising!

MK Magnet car door magnet printing comes in 3 sizes:

Car Door Magnet Small Size (A4)
Small size: 11.69″ x 8.27″ (A4 size)

Car Door Magnet Medium Size (A3)
Medium size: 11″ x 16″(A3 size)

Car Door Magnet Large Size (12″ x 24″)
Large size: 12″ x 24″

You can always customized you Car Door Magnet into your own shape and size by sending in your details. We will always keep our promise to keep the BEST SERVICES & BEST QUALITY to all your customers to 100% SATISFACTION!

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