Car Door Magnet

Brand through Car Door Magnet Advertising surely a great way to generate leads

Car Door Magnet Advertising surely is the great and cost effective way of advertising marketing methods. In this modern day and age, marketing means have evolved to be more than the conventional advertising means. Having a custom car magnet to represent your business even up to miles and mile ahead of your address is an excellent way to come up with a wider range of clientele.

The advantage of car door magnet as to compare with car magnet decals and car stickers is that the magnet can be easily remove and re-apply onto the vehicle at anytime, anywhere and anyone. It gives the flexibility that when the magnets are pasted on the car door, it became an “adverting car”; yet when magnets are removed from the car, it gives the car owner the private moment like family car during the weekend.

Our magnetic car door advertisement is waterproof material. It allows to be re-use as many times as you want.

We had tested with our magnet driving on highway with 110km/j, surely and guarantee it sticks well. Moreover, the magnet do no harm to our vehicle, 100% and definitely a must have them.

Vehicle sign magnet is cost effective marketing way. Moreover, it creates better brand consciousness that should only accrue to the advancement to your business. Imagine your vehicle with the car magnet being applied and stuck in the traffic jam. The exposure of your advertising within that hours to all the cars surrounded with drivers or passengers in other cars would have sufficient time to read all the info including marking down the contact number info too. Besides the exposure during traffic jam, even by normal day parking at commercial areas, each person that pass through will read up the advertisement.

Great exposure! Great Marketing Advertising Methods of Car Door Magnet!

MK Magnet Car Door Magnet comes in 3 standard sizes

MK Magnet Car Door Magnet always can be customized

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