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About MK Magnet

MK Magnet Sdn. Bhd. is a prominent manufacturer of Custom Advertising Fridge Magnets with an extensive reach in Malaysia and worldwide. It’s impressive that you have a wide customer base and can deliver your flexible fridge magnets to various locations across Malaysia and beyond through third-party courier services. This demonstrates your capability to serve customers in multiple states and capital cities in Malaysia, as well as other countries in the Asia Pacific region, such as Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Burnei, Australia, Dubai, Middle East, Egypt, Switzerland, Ireland, Europe, and more.

Your specialization in advertising magnet supply makes you a reliable choice for businesses and organizations looking for custom fridge magnets to promote their brands and messages. With worldwide shipment options, you are able to cater to international clients as well.

Overall, MK Magnet Sdn. Bhd. seems to have a strong presence in the advertising magnet market, both in Malaysia and globally, making it a preferred choice for those in need of custom fridge magnets for promotional purposes.

MK Magnet Sdn. Bhd. offers a diverse range of refrigerator magnets to cater to the unique promotional and marketing needs of your customers. Your ability to provide customized advertising magnets makes your products suitable for various industries, including F&B, education, services, corporate sectors, government departments, hospitals, and more.

The advantage of using custom advertising magnets as a marketing tool lies in their long-lasting nature. Unlike many traditional promotional materials that might end up discarded, fridge magnets have a practical use and are likely to stay in place for an extended period of time. As a result, your customers’ branding, products, and services can receive continuous exposure and remain visible to their target audience, reinforcing brand recall and awareness.


This aspect of longevity and visibility makes custom advertising magnets a valuable investment for businesses and organizations seeking effective and durable marketing tools.

Your commitment to providing versatile and enduring advertising solutions sets you apart as a reliable partner for companies and institutions looking to enhance their branding and promotional efforts. By offering products that suit various industries and purposes, MK Magnet Sdn. Bhd. positions itself as a go-to supplier for custom advertising fridge magnets in Malaysia and beyond.

Regardless where you are from (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Brunei even worldwide…), we can reach you through with our courier delivery partners.

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