MK Magnet Products

Fridge Magnet (standard size and shape)

We are manufacturing and supplying advertising refrigerator magnets in Malaysia and as well as international wise order.

Customized Fridge Magnet

Your design, your shape, your imagine our production. Make your creativity soar – we make it real with advertising magnet.

Car Door Magnet Advertising (Waterproof)

Easy apply & of car door magnet lead to new era of car advertising purpose and the demand of car door magnet is increasing month by month now-a-day.

Coaster Printing

Make your brand stand out from gerai gerai by having your brand printed on every dining table.

Car Air Freshener Printing

Make your brand stay in every car with freshener air.

Sticker Printing

Make your packaging be more Branded in your own way.

MK Magnet

Magnet Supply

MK Magnet Sdn. Bhd. is a manufacturer of Custom Fridge Magnet, and have the best source in advertising magnet supply in whole Malaysia, and as well as worldwide shipment to Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Burnei, Australia, Dubai, Middle East, Egypt, Switzerland, Ireland, Europe  and many more countries in Asia Pacific. Even in within Malaysia, we can post / deliver through third party courier service to delivery our flexible fridge magnets, which also known as  flexible rubber fridge magnet.

Order With Us

Regardless where you are from (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Brunei even worldwide…), we can reach you with our delivery partners

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