Neodymium Magnet

Unlike other magnets, neodymium magnet possess strong magnetic properties that make it ideal for a number of industrial, packaging and other similar purposes. Among many other things, neodymium magnet’s remarkable capacities make it the magnet to collect dust from Mars!

In the market though, this is used for the creation of many different products such as toys, welding clamps, stud finders, oil filters, and brochure closures. A neodymium rare earth magnet serves a wide range of purposes, and for this reason, MK Magnet is availability of neodymium magnet suppliers in Malaysia. A neodymium magnet also contains magnetic properties that do not wither away with time, implying the resilience of this magnetic product.

Available sizes in stock all time will be round magnet with N35, Zn coated:

4mm x 2mm
5mm x 3mm
6mm x 1mm
6mm x 3mm
8mm x 2mm
10mm x 2mm
12mm x 1mm
12mm x 2mm
15mm x 2mm
18mm x 3mm

With MK Magnet Sdn. Bhd., you can even custom your own fridge magnet in different sizes and shapes.

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