The versatility of magnetic paints can only spawned a lot of magnetic paint ideas.

From restaurants, offices, schools, kid room ideas, paint ideas, to interior paint ideas– Magnetic paint & chalkboard paints are always mentioned and used as paired.

To begin with, interior paint ideas suggest magnetic paint as a part of wall paint ideas. With this kind of paint, you have a space at home where you can just draw notes for the family, along with sticking important papers thereon.

Chalkboard board to top up with the magnetic paint turn the wall not just magnetized but also able to be drawn / written with chalk.
More fun to due with.


chalkboard paint ideas  magnetic chalkboard paint Magnetic Paint Ideas


Classroom paint ideas and classroom design ideas also suggest the use of magnetic paint to come up with an instructional aid for teachers. This could be a great implement for your painting ideas for kid room or home painting ideas as well.


magnetic paint & chalkboard paintmagnetic paint ideas