Flexible & Bendable Fridge Magnet with Flat Image Printing

Unlike other sorts of magnets, flexible fridge magnet is one that’s ideal for those who intend to come up with business card magnets, shelf labels, educational and instructional items, puzzles, menu boards, reunion magnet, thank you gift, souvenir gifts, wedding magnet /perkahwinan magnet, birthday magnet, cukur jambul magnet, aqiqah magnet, full moon magnet, company annual gifts and many others.

A flexible fridge magnet possess flexibility that does not alter its permanent magnetic material over use. This type of magnet is also bendable, as much as it can be twisted and forged into different shapes and sizes without damaging it’s magnetic property. Working with flexible fridge magnet, which produced from flexible magnet, also requires less effort at it can be cut, punched, and drilled even with the use of scissors.


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 “Flexible & Strong Magnets, Make your Gifts Last Forever.

Weightless & Unbreakable Fridge Magnets, Make your Gifts Unique and Special”

Wedding Fridge Magnet (MKM)

   Personalized Birthday Fridge Magnet (MKM)

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